Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales®, 
I'm a Different Butterfly, is a sweet story-time read about embracing differences. 
These friendship-focused, character-building narratives support the healthy development of social and emotional interaction in children ages 4 to 8 years old. The tales features Lulu Noire and her festive friends as they explore their home, Kaleidoscope Garden, a colorful oasis and the perfect backdrop for their warmhearted antics.
Each story in the thought-inspired Lulu Noire's Black Butterfly Tales® series showcases issues young children can relate to and the importance of character-building during early childhood development. One of the goals of this series is to highlight social and emotional learning practices for children, families, and community.
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Our illustrator, Tami Boyce, is the best! She works hard to portray Lulu Noire's messages within each of the stories or "memory books." These are a few of Tami's illustrations for I'm a Different Butterfly


For more from Lulu Noire visit, www.lulunoire.com – a behind-the-tales glance at all things Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales®.

The Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales® children’s book series is dedicated to promoting literacy and acting as a supplement to social and emotional learning (SEL) efforts in early childhood development when read aloud.

Our goals for Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales® are to reflect and share values, to promote ethical decision making, and to inspire children to be their best selves.

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